Soap For Hope on Channel 13 News

Soap For Hope’s president, Sean Maseng, was interviewed by KTNV Channel 13 News Las Vegas and aired on September 3, 2018. Sean discusses why he created Sope For Hope and what he hopes to accomplish in the future with the organization.

September 9th Kit Assembly

Soap For Hope will be assembling 2,000 kits on Sunday, September 9th from 12-4pm at Christ the Servant Church (2 S Pecos Rd, Henderson, NV). Anyone is welcome to join us in assembling kits.


Nevada Homeless Alliance Pop-up and CHIPS 8/21/18

150 kits were handed out on August 21, 2018 at the NV Homeless Alliance pop-up at the Salvation Army where people were very grateful to receive the kits in the triple-digit temperature. Along with this, another 70 kits given to CHIPS (Community Health Improvement Program).


WECLA Conference April 21, 2018

Soap for Hope in conjunction with WELCA collected and assembled over 500 hygiene kits for LSSSN . We were honored to participate with over 60 women from the Grand Canyon Synod .



Our drive at Coronado High School in Henderson, NV saw us put out 104 boxes for donations. We collected about 2-3 full boxes out of the drive. We used 18x 18 x16 boxes and unfortunately some boxes were thrown out by the janitors . We will try again next school year and thank everyone who participated !!!

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