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WECLA Conference April 21, 2018


Soap for Hope in conjunction with WELCA collected and assembled over 500 hygiene kits for LSSSN . We were honored to participate with over 60 women from the Grand Canyon Synod .

Monthly Seasonal Donations – Spring

Springtime Celebration

With warmer weather coming please consider donations of sunscreen and chapstick. 



Our drive at Coronado High School in Henderson, NV saw us put out 104 boxes for donations. We collected about 2-3 full boxes out of the drive. We used 18x 18 x16 boxes and unfortunately some boxes were thrown out by the janitors . We will try again next school year and thank everyone who participated !!!

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Mother Theresa

Improving Hygiene, Improving Lives. We believe everyone deserves a fresh start. All proceeds go directly to items our 501(3)(c) non-profit uses every day like donation buckets and ziplock baggies. Your donation helps us help others, improving lives and making sure others' needs are met. We will do everything we can to help. Find the link for donation here. or Go Fund Me https://www.gofundme.com/soapforhope-info

Host a Drive


Currently SoapforHope is looking to expand its roots. If your group, church, or school is interested in hosting a drive, please fill out our contact form here.

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